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tacko fucking palming a rebound on his first play <3

This will probably age spectacularly badly but I’m not sure I see why everyone’s so excited about Zion. At his height/weight with no real jump shot I don’t see him as a good fit in today’s NBA. He’d have torn it up in the 90s. Jumping all over incredibly mismatched college teams doesn’t mean much in the NBA…

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Anthony Davis with a sprained thumb, already with this nonsense. Sheesh.

I mean, he’s basically Charles Barkley x1000 and can drive to the hoop as well as or better than young Lebron and passes incredibly well for his age - so the assumption is that he’s an elite playmaker and physical presence, invaluable in today’s nba.

But, at the moment, he’s shit on d, has no perimeter game, and I suspect will get roasted by good shooting teams. Also think his physique will take its toll around year 3 or 4 and the pelicans are desperate for relevance so he’ll be massively mismanaged and overplayed

whoa whoa whoa. We aren’t comparing him to Sir Charles just yet. Unless your just talking body type. I would almost bet the bank Charles goes down as a better all time player than Zion.


hasty, but the signs are there.

Tyler Herro 4/4 from outside the arc in no time at all against the Hawks. some shooter.

Charles might be the most underrated player ever imho

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really wanted us to draft him but he went a pick before :frowning:

The strictness on travel calls is going to be really annoying, isn’t it.

they did the same last year and gave up calling them after a few weeks, don’t worry.

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The kid looks cold-blooded.

I haven’t seen much of the rooks outside of the Southeast (and Zion) and it’s preseason, so I’m not going to make any ridiculous predos, but he’s defs one to watch.

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probs the best shooter in the draft.

hooooooooo shiiiiiiiit



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What is this in regards to?

Daryl Morey, GM of the Rockets, tweeted something in support of the Hong Kong demonstrations in early October. As a result, China immediately pulled its official partnership with the Rockets, removed Rockets merch from stores in China, and complained to the NBA. The league then issues a milquetoast response that basically sided with the Chinese. The argument has escalated since then, with China cancelling a few pre-season games from being broadcast, removing Chinese sponsors from the NBA and generally pulling all support for the league.

Since then, there’s been a massive row over Chinese influence on the NBA and its bending to a regime currently undertaking genocide of the Uighurs in addition to suppressing human rights in Hong Kong. Basically most players and coaches have said ‘I don’t know enough about it, no comment’ etc, which I think is bad enough, but LeBron has come out and actually said the thing is going to lose him money, that the league should stay out of political matters, and he’s against it. Which is extremely rich from a player that has successfully marketed himself as a ‘woke’ athlete, and who has defended the rights of players to involve themselves in political matters. Except in countries that you’re relying to make Space Jam 2 a success and probably has a tonne of business dealings with through Nike etc.

Enes Kanter with the best response:


Entitlement at its finest, complete hypocrite.

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