🧺 🏀 NBA 2019/20 🏀 🧺

that wasn’t very smart, Marcus

I guess he knew Crowder would miss two

still love that man

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that kind of layup, like Dragic did when he faked out Theis just then, that’s my favourite kind

just smoothly switching the ball from one hand to the other to beat the defender in the air

not seen many people talk about how ass kemba has been over the playoffs tbh.

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he’s gone missing in multiple first halves notably, but kiiiinda pulled out some clutch play at times? maybe that’s why

he’s definitely bricked more clutch shots than he’s made tbh. have to kind of hide him on defence and he’s been oddly static on o.


still take him over kyrie

not looking like turning it on in this one, but

just buying time until Smart goes unconscious again

Herro is a deadeyed sniper

Kemba is… wow


Bam is different



saw the box score this morning, as I wasn’t able to stay up for it

so good. hyped for the Nuggets!

kemba has arrived :sunglasses:

just checked the box score

Bam arrived then?

( :grimacing: )

can you forgive Kelly for that bank shot three, prof