🏀 NBA 2022-23 - The Quest for Victor(y) 🏀

Knicks absolutely flying

suns gorilla lol GIF by NBA

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love seeing Agent Doggett/T-1000/Davey Scatino on the sidelines instead of Nate

going crazy mad man GIF

Starting to think Ja might not be a good guy


@profk the BBC have their own commentary team for the games they’re showing, so if you want to hear some English guy calling the Celtics Nets game…

Quin’s got the Hawks moving the rock really nicely already

the beeb are showing nba games?! cool.

got posted upthread, they’ve got four regular season games, a couple of playoff games, a conference finals game (or two?) and a Finals game

bit odd to have only a scattering of games, but cool nonetheless

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Big O is shooting 3s now?!!?! GAME OVER, LEAGUE

the Nets won?!

would love to see Mikal Bridges become a low-key superstar. Nets are likeable again.

Jist playing with a gun in a strip club, live on Instagram. As you do



feel like he needs an intervention, tbh

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don’t really mind tbh. the league’s needed another gilbert arenas for like 10 years now.

quite funny given how he’s apparently not from that kind of world at all too. players like derozan who literally grew up around the compton crips, and kyle lowry, whose childhood friends are all mostly dead due to gun violence distance themselves so much from all that bullshit. morant apparently grew up in an apparently comfortable household/neighborhood in the suburbs somewhere.


How about them knicks

Brunson’s been a huge acquisition, huh

also looks like Josh Hart has been very handy off the bench

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He already is a low key superstar, at least in Suns fans eyes. His contract is an absolute steal too

gonna be interesting to see what he can do as a team’s number one guy, for sure