Nearly famous people

Hi! Just found out a guy who used to work at my work was very nearly cast as Harry potter in the Harry Potter films.

Has blown my mind a bit - just going through life knowing that your life might have been very very different, and not really being able to disconnect from that, as the thing you’ve nearly been is so cultural omnipresent.

Must be loads, well not loads, but a fair few people who have a similar experience. Maybe there is a support group for them!
maybe even one of you!

Had a couple of drinks!



I knew someone who could have been in mcfly

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Pete Best springs to mind as the classic example.

that guy who got kicked out of nirvana and soundgarden


Them slags flying planes into the Twin Towers.


he had quite the unexpected post-band career

In September 1994, influenced by Renaissance icon Benvenuto Cellini (who stated that a well-rounded man is an artist, warrior and philosopher), he left Mind Funk to join the United States Army, subsequently serving with the Army’s 2nd Ranger Battalion and later with the Special Forces, serving tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.[6] After completing his service, he took a break from the military and lived in New York City where he briefly worked as a bike messenger. He then traveled to Tibet and worked and studied in a Buddhist monastery before returning to the U.S. He reentered the Army when offered the chance to join Special Forces.
After receiving an honorable discharge in 2006, Everman went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Columbia University School of General Studies on May 20, 2013


Friend at school was the runner up when they changed up the Milky Bar kid in the early 90s


I work with someone who was the eyebrows that were CGI-ed into this advert.



John Lenno

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It’s quite ironic that Saint Etienne’s biggest hit, their cover of Only Love Can Break Your Heart, doesn’t have Sarah Cracknell on vocals. So I guess my post should be the person who did sing that - Moira Lambert


My mate’s brother was in the Yogscast but left before they started making videos and became massive YouTube celebs

My uncle was West ham and England’s age group captain at schoolboy level then did his knee in at 17. Played lower leagues for a decade anyway without really being able to run but never at the top level.

Guess football is a touch different because there will be thousands of the same stories at the lower levels of the game


That guy who was in that really cool Manchester band in the 80s then did some great solo stuff, think he died years ago in a gardening accident

That woman who was in Spice Girls and got replaced by Emma Bunton before they recorded anything

paul weller asked my dad to buy a drumkit so they could start a band. he bought a moped instead.


An ex of mine was flatmates with a girl who was originally cast to play Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider films as Jolie (& her dad) weren’t initially available

she went on to have a pretty successful modelling career as it goes

Right choice imo


Don’t want to shit on this but it seems she would have been 12 when the first one came out!


I once had a Twitter conversation with Shaan, who found the Parish Handforth Council video


I forgot about that! :grinning:

I suppose you could say that you ‘DO have the authority’ to talk about this kind of thing

Ha ha ha lol ha ha lol