Necessary Evening Thread because I'm stuck

I can’t seem to get off my phone and I’ve now DMd replies to the insta stories of Ruby Hogal of Bake Off fame and also a cute bi-poly person I don’t know irl, both all casual like as if we’re mates :flushed:


What are you upto this evening ?
What’s for dinner?

Any other business?



Just got back from hanging in the park, bumped into friends and caught up which was good but it went from toasty to frozen in seconds. September!

Veg pastry tart, coleslaw, associated hot sauces

Phoning parentals and sorting some finances

Probably watch either Sandman or a film

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Pizza night - highlight of the week tbh.

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Rewatching more Schitt’s Creek. Might tidy up a bit

Getting used to living in a place with stairs again is really doing a number on my tired old legs. Might get a fireman’s pole.

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Cooking dinner and done the laundry. Grated the cheese too soon and now it’s all gone



Got to get up early tomorrow and not v happy about it.
Going to have (ready meal) fish pie and peas (or maybe beans) for tea. Also have brownies :slightly_smiling_face:.
Just going to find something bearable to watch and get really stoned so I can hopefully fall asleep early


Had some soup for tea. Watching that thing about the Concordia on Amazon. Would I fuck ever go on a cruise.

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Excited for a good sleep after last night also tbh

  • I knew somebody’s mum who fancied the guy from Wet Wet Wet
  • I didn’t

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Why can I watch channel 4 live on my laptop but not using the app on my Tv?

Fucking ridiculous

Evening all!

I had quite a productive day at work and also squeezed in a bit of Assassin’s Creed.

I made griddled tuna with mashed sweet potato and green veg, all served with a lime and chilli dressing (almost the one from GRT but forgot the miso). It was very good.

I stepped in for emergency bedtime last night so I’m almost free for the night. Might watch some Sandman or Schitt’s, or even the old Stepford Wives if Wor Lass thinks she’ll last the distance.

Went into town after work to buy an umbrella, then bumped into a friend so I’m in the pub having a pint with him. So much for good intentions


Grated more cheese.


I haven’t seen the documentary but I really want to do a cruise. Wor Lass is terrified of open water so it won’t happen during this marriage.

Have you read the cruise essay by David Foster Wallace? It’s very good.

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Hi, im on my phone too.

In related news. Some of you will have seen the pairs of big old Eridanus sausages they do on Greek Week. Seems we had some in the fridge that went off on Friday, so they’re being paired, via sauce town, with some Italian week Orecchiette for dinner. Also got some Italian week ground chilli peppers in oil to stir through mine, which are more rowdy than you’d expect. Also I think we need more cheese


Had a saag and chappatis and a cup of tea.

Mught watch something on mubi or maybe some King of the Hill

Working myself into a sweat

Scared I didn’t use enough fennel seeds :fearful:


Did some teryaki quorn chicken and rice