Necessary Evening Thread because I'm stuck

Gonna give myself a slightly larger portion out of pure greed.

I just had pasta for tea but i mashed sweet potato into the sauce to keep things interesting

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Unsurprised that a gnome thread has generated so much #foodtalk

Reckon the dinner threads should be on a weeknight instead of Sunday

Would be a nice pick me up

If my little sister doesn’t leave the office soon and go home I am going to fucking LOSE IT

Partly cos she’s just recovered from a nasty bout of covid and shouldn’t be working at all she should be resting :triumph: but mostly cos I sent brownies 1st class 5 days ago and she STILL hasn’t fucking got them cos she’s not been home since Sunday ARGH


Will be watching bake off. Boyfriend was very disappointed when he heard it was postponed due to the queen dying and was very pleased when he subsequently heard it wasn’t

Fish and I have requested it to come with and chips.

I’m very tired



Had chicken kyiv, mash, peas and spinach for tea.

About to have a narna and custard yoghurt.

Gonna watch the first half of the Liverpool game and then bed cos, y’know…

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Ngl, the cottage cheese felt like a horrifying plot twist, but it looks and sounds like it all worked out well for our plucky culinary hero :+1:t2::blush:

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Hung out in valdemossa today, such a gorgeous wee town


Evening my babeses :kissing_closed_eyes:

Had a headache all day so looking forward to curling up in bed with a tea and watching bake off.

I have a serious dilemma though.

Which snacks do I take up?

  • Choco moo
  • Happy hippo

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Thanks in advance xx

Marmalade marg


Thinking and talking about food is my only hobby.

Have the happy ride the moo :yum:

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Ride it?! I might be a bit big :smiley:

Evening :wave:

I’ve just finished two days in Stoke with work - really good couple of days. Was pretty nervous but it went well. Very intense and tiring though.

Dinner was a crispy chicken burger from The Quarter in Hanley:

Currently looking out at the sunset from my hotel room


they’re playing ‘Into My Arms’ by Nick Cave in TK Maxx

reckon it’s made it into onto a national mourning playlist or something, they usually play pop bangers or w/e

how cute is the bi-poly person? what did you accidentally DM??

Oh yeah, to Stoke-on-Trent
Historic town on the river Trent
It’s a vibrant mix
Of the great and the good
Like ReginaldSpitfireMitchell and Josiah Wedgwood
Come and lose yourself in the pottery shopping centre
Why not try a Staffordshire oatcake
It’s a culinary adventure
Come to Stoke-on-Trent
And see just what it’s meant
By the welcomе phrase of “Ayup duck
You’re in Stoke-on-Trеnt


What is this :smiley::smiley:

Why, only a bloody wonderful song by a puppet cat!