👔 Sticking it to The Man - self-serve checkout edition (rolling) 👔

Put 2 loose sweet potatoes through as baking potatoes earlier. Get it round yer, The Man.



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I know someone who always breaks the stalk off loose broccoli. I feel like this is both brilliant and evil.

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Been using the same £1 off kids food voucher for about six months now. Take that The Man…

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I do this. Generated some scorn on the old forum in another supermarket thread but yolo tbh tbf imo…

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You can shake your damn head all you like mate, we’re living in Mad Max times here.

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What do you put in the voucher slot?

Actually, I can’t believe they don’t delete the barcode from the DB when you use it?

Red onions as normal onions, all the time.

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you aren’t sticking it to the man, the man LITERALLY has you bagging your own groceries and operating the till ffs. WAKE UP SHEEPLE. :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:


A different voucher - 50 free Nectar points when you buy free range scampu or similar…

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absolutely hate self checkout, especially the tesco one, which requires endless beepthroughs from the staff. Also:

You should always do this!

Why are you paying for a bit you dont eat

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Because it’s like 60p or something for the bunch and it’s not priced like that to trick you. This is like if you peeled bananas before weighing them.

When doing a big supermarket shop with the tv, we bet on how many stoppages there’ll be (allowing one for booze). It’s normally about five or six, and it’s well annoying.

Why are you not eating it! It’s really good!

Obviously don’t bother breaking off a stalk if its 60p per broccoli. But most places have them by weight rather than by unit. If its by weight, the stalk is the heaviest part.

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If you seriously are going about having to break the stalk off a bit of broccoli to save money then you need to change your lifestyle

I put through things as the things that they are, because I was brought up correctly.