Need a new phone contract and can't be arsed doing any research

I want an iphone.
not bothered if it’s the latest or not.
am bothered how much memory it has.
want unlimited data
calls and texts not that bothered but a bit bothered.
don’t know what networks are good.
just post a link to the relevant page so i can just enter my card details please.

ahahhaahahahahah iPhone wanker!!!

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this feels a bit unnecessary and therefore i presume defensive

I think your indifference to this decision could lead to a more concerning indifference with some of life’s larger decisions. Is everything ok?

just fucking buy whatever then who cares

Why the need for an iphone if you’re not bothered about everything else?

here you go

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just find them the most intuitive to use and I’ve got a nokia work phone and find it really annoying.

what does it say on the tin?

Fair enough. I know the title of the thread makes your feelings on this quite clear, but you’re probably going to need to do some research! I.e. Go into a few different shops and ask what they’ve got.

i mean, by saying does what it says on the tin, are you implying there is some limited functionality or small memory or something

might employ an agent to do this for me.

wish i had a PA sometimes

Does that help?

buy your iPhone direct from apply and you can use the interest free payments programme. You’ll pay less for your phone that you would getting it via a network.

Then get a sim only from 3 on a 12 month contract. unlimited data I think is about £24 pm.

3 seems to be the cheapest network. are they shit?

it should, but it’s suggesting a more expensive deal than all the one’s I’ve found myself since starting this thread. thanks anyway

I switched from o2 to 3 because the contact was just so much cheaper. 4G is maybe a little more patchy but I’ve not got any major issues with 3. Also with 3 the abroad (feel at home) is a really draw. One minor downside is that 3 doesn’t use visual voicemail which is a bit weird.

what’s visual voicemail?

It’s what millenials call text messages.