Need generic "ways to make our office department more fun" ideas for a meeting today


Suggestions appreciated. I only need two or three, and this is the type of bullshit I’m quite bad at.




office dog


4 day working week




That excel game where you tab and try to stop it in the right spot tournament. Naked.


Getting matching tattoos with the company logo on


Spike the coffee machine


Table football table


set up an elaborate set of dominoes like that Honda advert


what floor is your office on? install a slide down to reception


competitions in photography or scrabble or whatever


Wacky Hat Wednesdays


Terrible Trouser Tuesdays


We had a hats for mental health day yesterday.

I did not partake.


Were they wacky?


Say ‘we are going to do some ice breakers’ before you reveal you were joking and people can play on their phones for a bit, people will be so grateful a positive mood will persist for the rest of the day


AQoS on Friday afternoon


Of the ones so far, office dog is the front runner, thanks. (they don’t necessarily have to be ideas they’ll take me up on)


Human foosball table