Need generic "ways to make our office department more fun" ideas for a meeting today


If they don’t do this already, Free beer on Fridays is always good.


Brightly coloured cubicle walls


“hang in there kitty” motivational poster


Gunge tank


Someone else is doing the ice breakers at half 10 :frowning:


Human centipede Thursdays


Go kart track


None at our branch but a few pictures up on the intranet. One is so wacky it is Dick Dastardly’s hat. Couple of sombreros, a bonnet then a few less wacky.


Your icebreaker should be telling everyone your username here so they can take a look at your posting history


Pat Sharp


pay us more money


Movie idea: Gun House. Fun house but with guns. Like the Purge or Running Man or some other film that we could rip off.


Can we get Arnie in as both twins, please?

Dolf Lundgren as Pat Sharp, obviously.


I’ve got a team half day thus afternoon, we’ve had to pick two songs we like, i begrudgingly did it but reckon I’m going to feel pretty embarrassed when it comes to whatever that part of the day is


I worked at a place (a three month contract only - I lasted two months before getting a better job elsewhere) that did free beer/cider on Fridays. It was one of several things they did to try to make people forget how shit the wages are.


Enforce mandatory breaks and lunch hours.
Pay overtime


john cage 4’33?


pat sharp shooter


If I’d thought of that I would have done it


a game of guess the employee by their browser history