Need generic "ways to make our office department more fun" ideas for a meeting today


A few balloons about the place.

I went to a meeting recently where everyone got a balloon and had to inflate it to the size of the matter they wanted to discuss.


‘GO HOME’ wheel of fortune.
You have a big wheel, like the wheel of fortune. On it is stuff like ‘go home’, ‘stay extra 3 hours’ or ‘week off’ and you can debate the frequency of the segments in your meeting. Maybe throw a ‘you’re fired!’ one in if your wheel is particularly big?


the premise that everyone should take an hour for lunch here really irks me. And makes my slinking out the door at 4:30 look worse. Feel I need to shout “I don’t take an hour for lunch! I wanna leave here asap!”


happy slapping


Microsoft Paint Pictionary


have you had the meeting?


Hire a Colin Hunt type person.


But then there would be two of him


The trick is to take a long lunch and leave early.


I needn’t have feared, the first song played of someone else’s choice was one of the most obscene I’ve ever heard, any embarrassment at mine being a bit too emo paled in comparison, no idea what was going through my colleagues mind, he claimed it was a remix and the original isn’t so bad and laughed it off, I would have been mortified and probably resigned


we have this and it is an excellent addition to the company facilities.


Turn a meeting room into a ball pit


Office Olympic games, including playing “The Ground is Lava” on desks


I’m intrigued as to what it was now.




I hope you picked that Pumpkins b-side that’s like a megamix of loads of different tracks they hadn’t finished yet or something.

I would be tempted to pick the full length album version of Sonic Youth’s The Diamond Sea and see how long it took someone to crack during the noise bit.

Then when people were all mega angry I’d have said, “Okay okay, don’t worry, I picked a Beatles track next,” and then I’d have put on Revolution 9.


Has utterly done me


I just hope someone did a dick joke.


Do you have an office dog?

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  • No

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People bring their dogs in all the time though