need help getting out of a tenancy contract

so basically my gf signed a 12 month contract in Oct19 for her room (not the entire property) which she is allowed to get out of if she finds someone to replace her. A person paid a week’s holding deposit in February to move in March 31st, but due to the virus she can’t immigrate here yet. The landlord has this deposit currently.

This landlord has broken the law in the following ways: 1. Over 5 week’s rent as a deposit taken from my gf
2. Deposit is not with any of the 3 holding bodies in the UK (is this true there are 3?)
3. The council tax is paid under the tenants and not the landlord which should be her responsibility if the property is let by different people and not a family.

Can we use any of this to get out of the contract? I know you could argue it shouldn’t have been signed in the first place but she was about to be kicked out as her last tenancy has finished and wanted to keep her room. We have tried ringing CAB but it’s obviously very busy at the moment. I am reluctant to go to small courts until we have no other options.

Any help would be appreciated

Is there a local equivalent to ACORN who do stuff around tenants rights round my way (no idea if it’s a national thing)

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This is only brief, but I’d look at using item 2 to negotiate my way out on the basis that I’d waive my right to compensation on the return of deposit and agreement to termination within 2-3 weeks as-per previous agreement re: new tennant.

It’s a tricky one as despite the circumstances there’s not technically anything wrong with the landlord holding the tenant to the contract - indeed potentially they could well argue she shouldn’t be moving out right now, so definitely don’t take my thoughts as anything like gospel - I am not a lawyer or housing law expert!

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Apparently no branch in London