Need help making sandwiches? No, neither do I.

quite like the idea of a bread corer

at £9.99 they can stuff their stuffastick where the sun don’t shine!

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can’t believe they wouldnt even show the full removal of the wand…obviously food and stuff everywhere

no idea how this is an improvement on cutting the bread in half and placing stuff on it

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Just use a couple of bog roll tubes cut open and stuck together

they probbaly would…then remove your insides and replace them with chill con carne

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Stuffastick – The kitchen utensil you didn’t know you needed!

(I don’t need it)

Havent seen many of those disgusting video recipes on facebook recently, they always used to be for stuff like this.

There was a YouTube channel I think of some guy who tried to make all the disgusting Facebook video recipes, does anyone know what it’s called?

No but I would very much like to see that.


guy i work with used to work in a sandwich shop and someone once asked him to completely hollow out a baguette and put the filling in there

how did he do it? just shove it in with is hands, you know what he needs?!

It’s not Thursday already, is it?

I feel with your username you should be more invested in this thread than others posters.

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Think I’d rather eat the bread core and throw the rest away

prefer a stuffeestick tbh

ahhhhh suffer