Need some Chromecast help



So, I’m trying to watch tv. Streaming from my laptop to a tv set which has chromecast. I’m assuming I don’t need to pay for the whole thing just to be able to stream it from my laptop, when the television in question has the whole thing set up? But I can’t figure out how to do it. Help pls.


Have you switched the tv on?


you need to install Chromecast on your lappyt


wait no you dont


Downloaded Googe Home and restarted browser (Chrome!!!) but still can’t see the chromecast icon anywhere :’(


what is it you are trying to watch? usually stuff like netflix etc you hit play then next to the play button there’s a chromecast button that will send it to the tv

i think you need to have installed the browser extension


OOOOHHH FOUND IT, hidden away in the “more” menu in the top right corner of Chrome.

Thanks, team!