Need to get this off my chest

There’s this advert for the lottery that always comes up in podcasts I listen to, and they have these little audio clips of people who have presumably won the lottery, but are being told over the phone for some reason? and one guy says “apart from the birth of my children this is the best phone call I’ve ever had”. Who is finding out about the birth of their children over the phone in this day and age?

That feels much better, thanks for listening.


“Heya, Dave speaking. What’s that love? You’ve given birth to our child? Ah that’s great, cheers for letting me know, right see you later then, love you bye”


Maybe he’s in the army or an ice road trucker


‘I’d have to say this is the best phone call of my life, too.’

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maybe his children are actually phone calls


He says children, so (unless twins/triplets/etc) he’s managed to miss more than one birth

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Winning the lottery > having children.

  • 8 million
  • a child

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  • 8 million children

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You’d choose Bones over 8 milli tho wouldn’t you

Considering Season 3 GIF by Portlandia


It’s fairly obvious - he’s an undercover agent deeply embedded in an organised crime gang, and only has fleeting contact with his real-world family.

Either that or he’s an astronaut

I heard the birth of a child announced over the tannoy at a Stockport County game once so a phone call sounds entirely reasonable compared to that

Yeah can’t stand that advert.

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Never had the Prof down as a mega-fan TBH

How old is the guy though? If he’s 50+ it’s more likely he wasn’t there, I know quite a few older people who weren’t at their children’s births

I think it became the norm in the UK in the mid -late 70s so the guy would need to be at least 70. He sounds 40s. I won’t have this backchat!!

Were they literally just sat at home though, not at the hospital in a waiting room?

Nah i work with quite a few (ok, a handful of) people with kids in late 30s who weren’t there.

Think it was 90s it became absolute commonplace.