Need to get this off my chest

hang on are you saying the parents or the kids are in their late 30s?
I googled it because I’m fun and although data is sparse apparently it is believed that the overwhelming majority of fathers were present during labour from the late 70s onwards.

Listen everyone, I needed to get this off my chest and now that I have you will not believe the lengths I will go to die on this hill, OK?

I think my dad was in the pub and only turned up after hearing I’d arrived. I’m mid-30s.

Maybe good fathers were there though, idk.

I am remembering the mad men episode where don’s wife gives birth and don is sat in the waiting room with another guy whose wife is in labour. So they didn’t have to be informed by phone call. I realise mad men isn’t a documentary but I don’t have any better evidence that being so far away from the birh of more than one of your kids that you had to be informed by phone call would have been unusual for a long time.

The kids are late 30s now…

so the parents would be around 70 I guess.


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Well, yes. Think parents that work away or shift work or in emergency services (not that one) probs get a pass, though.

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Or late 50s.

yeah also not all parents are heterosexual nuclear families of course.
appaz about 80-85% of fathers attend births today.

begs to be left to die on hill in peace

Oh yeah, sure. My dad wasn’t working away though, he’s just shit. I don’t think he was seen as shit at the time though, no one ever was like “that was weird” when telling the story. This was 1988.

But maybe the guy referred to in the OP was working away or whatever as you said.

When I was born the practice in Greece was still to keep dads out of the delivery room, but my parents weren’t happy about it and the doctor was american and didn’t care. So the doctor basically dressed my dad up as medical staff and told the other staff members that he was there to observe.

I wouldn’t describe my dad as a good dad even if he did go out of his way to see me being born

Who is calling them to tell them about the kid? and from where/no mobiles in 80’s or whatever?
Is his wife just crawling to a hospital pay phone a few minutes later to call the pub to tell him to finish up his pint?

Know at least one (good) dad friend who’s on four kids now and wasn’t at the last two because he was at home looking after the other kids. Think that gets a pass too.


Boris Johnson. End of thread.

Found out this week that I was born at 9:04am when I’d always believed it to be 8:56am. So I’m 8 minutes younger than I thought, which is a bigger boost than you’d expect it to be.


“Dave! It’s your dad; Jan has gone into labour 2 weeks early! I know you’re in Glasgow on a long distance job, due to you being a lorry driver, but can you get back to Truro where you live in time for the birth?”

when all you need is a knife