Needlessly defensive


What things are you needlessly defensive about?

For me:

Football Team
Areas I’ve lived in

What about you?


Whether Teddington/Kingston are in London

(posting in this thread is tacit agreement that they are, cheers)


Being a fussy eater


Online - most things.

In real life - hardly anything.

Summary - need more hobbies.


Any kind of criticism

Social stuff - feeling left out/ ignored/ excluded by people.


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones





Potentially being a Tory




How much I snore and move about in my sleep


contribution to house chores.

that’s literally it.


Validity of my hobbies vs. that of, I don’t know, football.


Next to nothing, aside from on here.

Maybe only why I haven’t got married/engaged yet?


Couldn’t care less.


V similar to yer man KiK up there^. I used to be a bit of a delicate flower about some stuff IRL when I was less confident/unsure of myself, but that’s not been the case for years now. Online though I will fight you about absolutely anything. Dunno why. Just feels right.

Hair chat (multipoll)

My concept of “self” and how it is presented, both online and in the real world :confused:


basically what the internet is for, innit?

genuinely say this to Brooke (tongue in cheek, obvs) all the time


People saying my willy is too big


mothers can be so mean to their children :frowning:


Failing outside what some dissers consider age appropriate ‘adult’ standards, the fact people consider this a moral failing rather than just being at the tail end of a distribution