Needlessly defensive

What things are you needlessly defensive about?

For me:

Football Team
Areas I’ve lived in

What about you?

Whether Teddington/Kingston are in London

(posting in this thread is tacit agreement that they are, cheers)

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Being a fussy eater

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Online - most things.

In real life - hardly anything.

Summary - need more hobbies.


Any kind of criticism

Social stuff - feeling left out/ ignored/ excluded by people.

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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones



Potentially being a Tory


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How much I snore and move about in my sleep

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contribution to house chores.

that’s literally it.

Validity of my hobbies vs. that of, I don’t know, football.

Next to nothing, aside from on here.

Maybe only why I haven’t got married/engaged yet?

Couldn’t care less.

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My concept of “self” and how it is presented, both online and in the real world :confused:

basically what the internet is for, innit?

genuinely say this to Brooke (tongue in cheek, obvs) all the time

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People saying my willy is too big

Failing outside what some dissers consider age appropriate ‘adult’ standards, the fact people consider this a moral failing rather than just being at the tail end of a distribution

Heavy Metal