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Sod off.

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  • I pay my licence fee
  • I do not pay my licence fee
  • Not on TVBook, m8
  • Not on UKBook, m8

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I mean is it just if you watch BBC programmes, on any platform?

I use Netflix and Prime, exclusively. (And occasionally nick my Dad’s Sky Go to watch football…)

Do they still pretend to have magic vans that can tell which houses are watching telly without a licence?


I am not happy as I have just paid it. It is expensive considering the amount I watch the BBC has fallen dramatically (to almost zero) due to the other options available.
I was very tempted to not pay it

I pay it. I’m fine paying it.


i pay it cos it feels tory not to pay it.



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this x 10000000000

technically you’re paying it just to have a colour television or any laptop/tablet/phone in your house connected to the internet

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Have had to stop paying to help fund Sean’s ongoing grubbing around for pennies to pay for this place…

Would happily pay it just to watch University Challenge.

Not on UKbook but do pay my licence fee where I live!

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It is a madness that they can get away with such invasive techniques in 2019. Literally the only commercial service in existence that you have to opt-out of, and not a cheap one at that

Just turn the BBC into a paid subscription service already, surely.

I pay it but resent it somewhat.


was careful not to say “paying your licence fee is tory”. meant that to me i would feel tory not to (because i can afford to and because the tories would love nothing more than for everyone to stop paying for it)

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Your address is on that letter and this is a public forum.

Just wanted to make sure you’d realised that, and if not, to get the mods to censor it for you.

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Also clearly shows his real name is Sir/Madam


pichaelmarker might be concerned that people know their real name now