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it’s exactly this in response to the perplexing Tory argument. Paying your license fee because you can doesn’t help anyone else be able to afford it, it’s not crowdfunded. It keeps the price at £154.50 which means really low income households can’t justify the expense and get threatening post whether they do or don’t have a TV. If all TV was subscription service it would be more managable and cheaper p/a; if all TV had ads it would be free. :man_shrugging:

to be fair i never would have guessed he was actually called Present Occupier

I can afford it, watch it, and despite it being largely quite bad atm, would rather the BBC exist than not exist, so yes.



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I think it’s great value. I swerve the news and news-related stuff because i find the BBC a bit too biased and centre-right, but iPlayer’s miles better than Netflix, and there are still absolute gems across their TV and radio that other broadcasters get nowhere near. 43p a day, ffs.




Alison Roberts sounds nice

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It’s not really as clear cut as this. The BBC is not just its current affairs output for one thing.