Needy unappreciated jokes thread

From here or elsewhere.

A friend is at the snooker and has posted a photo from inside the venue saying “Good morning from Sheffield”. I have commented “That pub looks wank.” My comment is holding steady at not a single like.

Wouldn’t hold your breath for any tbh mate


It’s worth a sympathy like at least. Just the one.

The joke is that it looks like a terrible pub. I’m not sure you got it.

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it really, really isn’t. sorry man.

Which bit is the joke?


The bit where people laugh at me.


Thanks. I needed that.

Feel free to add your own #content, btw.

Well, they’re not laughing with you.

Do people have on Facebook, people who perhaps like your posts a bit too often, and then you post something and not even they like it and then you get anxious that the post must have been terrible

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sorry mate.

Thought this was a good post personally, zero likes :cry:

Always welcome in my notifications

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It’s funny because it rhymes.

Yeah, that’s what I thought

A colleague just complained that her daughter’s school will be closed next Thursday because it is a voting station.

I commented, “bloody polls, taking over our schools”. Nobody laughed and now they all think I’m a racist.