Negative fast food opinion MEGATHEAD

Probably eat more food than you pal

I’ve been and 100% endorse his opinion

Mmmm I love doughy doughy dough.

It’s fine though. Not great, not bad. It’s fine.

Best to eat MacDonalds on the toilet, because its coming right out.


burger king should change their motto to - everything’s really small and expensive


not great, not terrible

Really overpriced for what it is. Might as well spend less money or eat something good imo

Fast food is good if you are antisocial and don’t want to talk to a human as you can order it from a website, almost more important than what it tastes like


Greggs sandwiches and wraps are a bit underrated. They’re cheap and ‘fine’



only garbage people eat at fast food places.

There’s no such thing as “fast food”

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Look pal, until pub crabs make it to our high streets, I’ve got to eat something

Might rename this the ‘Thread For Malcolms’

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It’s good to be a garbage person, you should try it!

Pizza Hut’s fucking atrocious isn’t? Like everything you can possibly buy in there is barely fit to feed a dog. I’m sure we can all agree on that.

Like I’m a vegan so I don’t eat any of it, but I’m not going to deny that your McDonaldses and KFCs have an undeniable appeal, and though they are shite they’re also delicious, and you don’t regret eating them afterwards. My equivalent is I think them 40p ramen noodles, they’re so bad yet so good. Pizza Hut is just foul on every level. Not even cheap and you have to fucking sit in as well.


What about, like, a chocolate motorbike?

Too many non-negative opinions itt

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