Neil Cowley.

Never seem to have seen him mentioned on here really, but…
He’s on tomorrow night 27th at The Grand Junction which I believe is somewhere near Paddington. Anyway, Mrs PeteC bailed to go to a work conference and therefore I have a spare. It’s free of course.
You’d have to arrive with me, but no commitment to be my bestie or what have you.

Just realised I can send single tickets with Dice tickets.

I can’t make it but he is fantastic live so highly recommend it to anyone who can.

I have seen him twice, both in unusual circumstances. First time at Ramsgate Music Hall, 120 capacity with a tiny stage. They could only fit an upright piano on the stage and he said he couldn’t remember the last time he played a gig on an upright rather than a grand or baby grand. His trio absolutely delivered despite that, superb gig.

Second time was at the Canary Wharf Jazz Festival, which was a free festival on the artificial grass square next to the main Canary Wharf tower. Fantastic free day out in a really incongruous location.