Neil Young general thread

This is excellent. Elyse Weinberg isn’t someone I’m familiar with - only just heard this song on James Yorkston’s podcast - but I think Neil Young is sprinkled throughout her full album (despite not being credited):

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Odeon Budokan!!! Praise the heavens! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

it is absolutely amazing that - am i reading this right - it’s taken him 11 years to release the second volume

Anyone else been listening to Volume II this weekend? Some amazing stuff on there.

Listening to Mirror Ball. First time ever I think. Throw your Hatred Down seems like a bit of a tune.


It’s a really good one. I wish he had recorded more with that Pearl Jam lineup - Jack Irons’ drumming in particular really suited his songs, it added a certain bounciness. Especially in Big Green Country, which is amazing:

And I’m the Ocean is one of his best too:


After 25 years of waiting for a reissue (which I’d read somewhere was probably not going to happen due to some contractual issue around Pearl Jam’s involvement), I finally gave in and paid silly money for an original copy of this on Discogs earlier this year.

Literally just over a week later he announced that it’s getting reissued next year. :triumph:


waiting for it to hit S******

He played that last time I saw him live - was a nice surprise, although I must admit I didn’t recognise it until the chorus.

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Not quite sure how the metascore can be higher than any of the five reviews…

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