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Playlist is back, choose one off El Dorado and two off Freedom.

El Dorado

  • Cocaine Eyes
  • Don’t Cry
  • Heavy Love
  • On Broadway
  • El Dorado

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  • Rockin in the Free World (acoustic)
  • Crime in the City (Sixty to Zero Pt.1)
  • Don’t Cry
  • Hangin on a Limb
  • Eldorado
  • The Ways of Love
  • Someday
  • On Broadway
  • Wrecking Ball
  • No More
  • Too Far Gone
  • Rockin in the Free World

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I literally hadn’t heard a single song by NY until I started actively listening to his albums in my early 20s. Probably has much more mainstream popularity in America due to classic rock radio etc., but his biggest songs by far on Spotify and Youtube are ‘Heart of Gold’, ‘Harvest Moon’ and ‘Old Man’.

Loved both of these this week. Such a step up from most of what he’d done for the rest of the decade! Don’t Cry is brilliant and, while that really nasty distortion took a bit of getting used to, I grew to love it. Never got on with Rockin’ In The Free World - just always felt a bit cheesy. But even that has sounded good this week.


All right, onwards and upwards we go.

Up next: We venture into the 90’s with Neil and Crazy Horse back at the helm.

Ladies and gentleman for your listening pleasure this week, I present to you…

(Released September 9th, 1990, “Ragged Glory”)


Full of those wonderful long, fuzzy, rattly, stretched out jams that only Neil and Poncho, Billy & Ralph can pull off. There really is no finer sound than the Horse at full gallop. A very strong contender for my favourite NY album.

100 out of 5.




Proper iconic album cover too

we made it!


Love this album. One of the first albums I bought by Neil Young (Weld was first). Big fuzzy mountains of sound. And it looks as though are all having fun just walloping out the tunes. They make it look easy. The 90s are my favourite era of Neil Young and his sonic henchmen.

It’s a 10/10


When the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve 1989 some magic happened in the air in Camp Neil Young. For want of a better word he becomes cool again. The Godfather of Grunge is a bit cringe worthy, but I guess it rings true.

Hahaha, two Eldorado songs and one song from Freedom so! #JusticeForEldorado.


Mansion on the Hill’s such a banger


There’s a live acoustic version of this on the new Archives set which reveals it to be a really good song, shorn of the Stills-Young band.

Meant to post these last week, sorry - a couple of Eldorado/Freedom era live shows. Springsteen pops up on the latter…

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Back on this week’s album, I absolutely love the opening 1-2 of Country Home and White Line. There’s just something incredibly evocative about the tone, the sound… Two of my favourite NY songs. Don’t Spook the Horse!

Yeah ‘Ragged Glory’ was one of fav’s. Some of Neil’s finest electric guitar work. As @Besterberg states tempo is great even if its 10 songs at over an hour. After a forgetful 80’s the rebirth of Neil comes full circle here. Briggs brings back the energy in the studio that you can just feel unlike the previous muddled and over produced ‘Life’.

Seriously, just popped up on my general NY playlist, and it’s just… the chorus is so unexpectedly lovely in the midst of the scrnk. Does he normally have harmonies like this with Crazy Horse?

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I like all of Crazy Horse’s backing vocals, never thought to particularly pick out ‘Mansion On the Hill’ before but will listen to the studio version later.

Not saying it’s especially amazing or owt, but I think it’s the way it sorta merges out of the fog slightly. idk I’m not a music words-saying guy

As a Neil Young fan who had never ventured past peak-period, I was starting to really flag here to be honest. Not just the outright bad records but the sheer quantity of mediocre records merging into one.

Ragged Glory is a complete breath of fresh air. Pretty much from the first note you can tell his heart is in it again.