Neil Young Listening Club

It’s a moody album. If your in a ultra bouncy frame of mind then maybe give it a miss. If
you enjoy a tipple, glass or 2 of red wine might be good.

Hadn’t properly listened to Sleeps With Angels before but it’s pretty great, huh. Enjoyed the completely out-of-place, bug-eyed intensity of the backing vocals on Piece of Crap :laughing:

This is one my dad owned, but I’m not super familiar with it. So looking forward to getting stuck in after some previous favourites of mine. Also good to see a bit of chat again. Was worried things had started to fizzle out a bit, but I suppose Christmas is the issue there.


The drooling and dribbling of Christmas is thankfully over (it was good for a time though :beers:)

I certainly wasn’t in the Harvest Moon and Unplugged frame of mind when they were up in lights, so just let them pass.

After Mirrorball, my knowledge is pretty weak so hopefully it will be an interesting time for this excellent thread.

Yeah, I didn’t manage to get in an uninterrupted listen to Unplugged - will have to go back to it. It was actually the first NY I heard as my mum had it on C90, and I listened to it when I was 13-14 to find out why he was the “Godfather of Grunge”. I was somewhat nonplussed and never returned to it for some reason, even though he became my favourite artist a few years after that.

Piece of Crap always reminds me of the first time I saw him live, at the 2001 Fleadh Festival. I overheard a couple talking as everyone drifted away after the gig. Sounded like a situation where one was a fan and the other had accompanied their partner, and she was saying that she’d enjoyed it but “why did he play that song? It’s called Piece of Crap and it was a piece of crap.”

Neil dedicated it to GW Bush, who was in the UK at the time.

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Hey folks just wanted to let you know, for purposes of my mental sanity i need to take a break from the internet for a bit.

Not sure when Ill be back but i will and we can keep the Neil machine rolling. In the meantime, if someone wants to take it over with a new album on Sunday, please feel free to do so.

Take care of yourselves, see you soon.


Aw, that’s a shame but you need to do what’s right for you. Look after yourself big man. We’ll still be here when you come back.

I’m happy for the club to be paused if everyone else agrees. You can’t have a Neil Young listening club without Neil Young!


Take care boss man, you have to do right by yourself.

Pause the club for the moment, it’ll allow me to catch up!


Think pausing is a good idea tbf, doesn’t seem right running it without his namesake at the helm.

More importantly, I hope you’re ok boss, and I hope that taking a break from everything helps settle you. Always around if you need a chat. Take care x


Take care. Hope to see you back some time and thanks again for all your efforts on this thread - I’ve really loved it.

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Yeah, pause it for now, can pick it up whenever. Take care of yourself.

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Take care of yourself mate. Hope you’re ok. x

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Take care buddy

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Thanks folks sorry, the mental strain of staying up last night watching the debauchery here really drained my emotional sanity. But in contemplation it’s not this place that makes me want to take time off the internet, especially this club. But MANY many others which I will be avoiding.

Neil’s music is a spark of light for me in the dark times so I’ll keep moving it forward on time. After all it’s better to burn out than fade away.

Thanks for understanding onwards and upwards we go.


Choose two for the playlist off Sleeps With Angels

  • My Heart
  • Prime of Life
  • Driveby
  • Sleeps with Angels
  • Western Hero
  • Change Your Mind
  • Blue Eden
  • Safeway Cart
  • Train of Love
  • Trans Am
  • Piece of Crap
  • A Dream That Can Last

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Yeah so this is pretty good eh? As mentioned previously, ages since I’ve heard it. Neil’s voice in particular sounds absolutely heavenly throughout. Love the interchangeable/different lyrics “Western Hero” and “Train of Love”, sound like Harvest Moon outtakes. Pure Crazy Horse fervor on “Change Your Mind”. Dark undertone throughout harping back to the mid 70’s of Tonight’s the Night and On the Beach era.

Subtle, sad hearted and beautiful all at the same time. Great record.


All right, all right onward and upward we go.

Up next: Neil teams up with Pearl Jam.

Ladies and gentleman for your listening pleasure this week, I present to you…

(Released August 7th, 1995, “Mirror Ball”)


Vaguely remember this coming out, but haven’t listened for years and years

Hope you’re doing well

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I’ve got a real soft spot for this one. The first time I saw Neil Young live was when he was touring it. This was the set list:

Act of Love is a beast of a song.

Pearl Jam do a very good job of impersonating Crazy horse.

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