Neko Case


sounds great. realistically can’t imagine her writing a bad… song even, let alone an album, so I’m really excited.


that voice…


Only ever really digested Fox Confessor… properly, it must be one of my all time favourite albums. Really gonna try and rinse through the rest of her stuff this week.


John Robins blimming loves her

I can never decide on my favourite Neko… but it’s probably between Fox Confessor and Blacklisted. All the other albums are right up there as well though ha.

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Currently giving Middle Cyclone another go. Might just skip the last track today though :smiley:

Think this is my song of the year at the moment. Incredible.

more Neko!

obviously some lovely stuff from Kelly Hogan here as well, as always

some tour dates too!

Dublin - 6th Nov, Vicar Street
Leeds - 7th Nov, Brudenell
London - 8th Nov, Barbican

quite a big difference between Leeds & London! wish it wasn’t a midweek show or I’d make the trip up for it

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barbican booked :+1:t3:

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Look what turned up today :heart_eyes:


From an angle that doesn’t make her face look oddly shaped…

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That looks like a nice packaged product. Post some photos of the contents please.

Have this too. Such a great boxset. Magnetic lid, lovely book and slipmat, and the great albums of course!
Great purchase pal.

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Always been a fan of her stuff. I skimmed listened to the new one when it was out. Thought it was good but not special.

Returned to it as I was going to her Barbican show. Hell-On is just sublime. It made my top 5 of the year. The Barbican gig also was one of my top 5’s of the year. Class act.


8 records, a slipmat and a photobook (plus download codes for everything). I’ve been waiting ages to have the money for it - most of the records are either £30+ or out of print, mostly the latter. She’s basically in my top 3 artists ever, never made a bad record, so it was absolutely worth it - just glad there were some copies left!


That looks damn great. I’ll give you 11/10.

10/10 for the Neko Case albums and another point because I like your flooring.

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