Neon Genesis Evangelion

Thought it was quite bad. Deeply sexist, characters are often very annoying, ending of the show is a s bad as any ending I’ve ever seen.

Still entertaining, but the love it gets very much pushes me away. A bit like cowboy bebop, which is nevertheless about a thousand times better.

Still not seen the films.

Yeah the treatment and portrayal of women is pretty bad throughout.

I just watched the series. Not entirely sure what I thought. I loved so much about it (the progression through the adversaries and them getting stranger was great, the deeply personal trauma amidst the increasingly complicated background goings-on), but there was stuff lacking in the execution maybe? Thinking back it feels like half of it sort of dragged, and then the other half was really rushed.

Very much fascinated ultimately, and honestly I think part of any disappointment I feel is because of all the expectation that had been built up.

I’ll have to check out the sequel film at some point!

Also obligatory mention of Pen Pen and also Asuka making that “EEEHH!?!” noise

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also I was listening to Waypoint’s podcast as I went through cause I enjoyed Idle Thumbs’ Twin Peaks one so much when I watched that through recently.

Problem with this case being that, as much as I like Waypoint, the podcasts are aggressively long and unedited and feature a lot of that “oh but this character’s arc isn’t satisfying” bollocks that I hate hearing when people talk about TV shows and that

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also last two eps felt a bit like 2001

I mean it’s not like the men get portrayed very sympathetically either. And the opening scene of the film is basically Hey guys, you see yourself in Shinji? Well chew on this fuckers!


Quite looking forward to the film now based on all the testimonies of it being a bit of a “fuck you”

just read all of this on wiki. Sounds really cool! Too bad it’s anime

Anime can be amazing.
Never watched Akira? Any of the Ghibli movies?

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yeah I really liked Akira as a kid

End of Evangelion is a must, you can see it as a replacement or a companion for the final two episodes, but chiefly it gives you a much more satisfying plot resolution to everything (by showing you more than just Shinji’s psychological collapse) - although whether you’ll be pleased with where it goes is up to you (and the very final scene is… well, it’s something else entirely).

I haven’t listened to the Waypoints podcast, but I did listen to the Ringer’s Sound Only podcast. Two very fun guys discussing it, was good but too much time spent on describing scene by scene action and not enough real discussion of characters and themes, even though they were good when they did approach it.

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The opening scene was a proper “Christ, this shit is fucked up” moment.

Apparently Anno put pictures of the death threats he’d received in EoE too? And those scenes of a theatre with a restless crowd… you really do get IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED YOU PIGS? vibes from it.


(4 panels )


Oh my god

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Fucking hell I need this Facebook group or whatever it is in my life

Bit of a Pynchon feel to it as well to an extent

Sorry bud, I banned myself, but then I came crawling back.

Just like stupid idiot Shinji.

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Watched the ending of the film on youtube with no real context and now I feel disturbed and unable to sleep

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I thinking it might be too traumatic for me