Nepalese takeaway's opened up down the road from me

Reckon I’ll try it out this weekend.


Would you describe it as ‘your Everest’?

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Id I had a Nepalese takeaway I’d called Nepalean Dynamite


Are you sherpa that?

This is a bad pun.

a Korean takeaway opened at the end of my road before Christmas, already closed down. given they were crazy expensive and there are already loads of Korean shops, restaurants etc. to cater for the large Korean community down the road in New Malden i dunno what the point was.

I might just join you

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“people love Korean restaurants, lets make more of them”

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Probably not though

Wikipedia suggests I do! Only had a quick look at the menu but it seemed like it was more set up like an Indian takeaway with a few Nepalese dishes unfortunately. They did have a good looking spicy fried vegetable thing though.