Neptune's Pride

Think this got mentioned in an old gaming thread, but would anyone be interested in playing a game?

It’s a free-to-play online strategy game for up to 16 players - goal is to conquer 50% of the galaxy, and it’s played in real time over a few weeks. You can (allegedly) manage by logging in once a day and making your moves, although you’ll probably invest a little more time than that (there’s also the option to make it turn based so it’s less intense if people prefer). Sorta like a really dumbed down Stellaris with more of a focus on high level strategy, diplomancy and back-stabbery.

Last (only) time I played this it tore our friendship group apart. There’s still one person I don’t speak to. It was GREAT.

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Yes it did get mentioned in an old thread

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I can’t do this, the last time I participated in one of these things I was setting alarms for 4am to fuck over some Americans. It got out of hand.

I wish everyone else the best of luck.


I immediately hire @Epimer as my director of strategy

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This also reminded me that I bought Stellaris about two months ago and haven’t played it yet

It’s superb

I’ve heard really good things! Think I loaded it once, went… ooh this is a real rainy day indoors all afternoon job… whenever I get one!

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Absolutely in, such a great game but it gets so intense! :sweat_smile:

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This used happen in our work ones too, so much so that we had to have a “no launching attacks after 10pm” rule in our most recent game


Pfft. Fucking casuals.



is it like conquer club but in space? used to play conquer club with dissers like 10 years ago, I was pretty bad at it iirc

Never played it but had a quick look and looks kinda similar?



@anon67149139 @Twinkletoes @cutthelights I’ve roped in my brother and a mate to play a game of you guys are still interested, will make 6 of us overall. @shrewbie not sure if you were interested at all as well.

No worries at all if you’ve changed your mind or would rather not play with non-dissers (although they’ve both aqos’d in the past). And if anyone else is keen it’s not too late :+1:


Still interested! :alien: :rocket: :gun:

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Whenever this thread turns up I’m always disappointed that it isn’t about splashback.

Please enjoy your game.

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Right so it turns out you need to pay for a premium subscription to create a game now - bleh. So instead of that, we can just join one of the random open games. Will mean we need to wait for other randos on the internet (or draft in 2 more people) to join up and fill up the spaces before the game starts.

@Twinkletoes @cutthelights @anon67149139 are you guys happy with that? If so I’ll send round a link to an open game in the next day or two as soon as one pops up with space for us all.


I’m super chill bro

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