Nerds, help me



Windows 10 did a big update on my laptop the other day and now every video I watch on youtube goes out of sync within the first couple of minutes, the video lags behind the audio. It’s happening in both Chrome and Firefox.

Googling has just brought up loads of old results with different or unclear solutions that don’t apply.


have you tried turning it off and on again


Ha ha you’ve got the youtube lag virus. you need a new computer mate.


Have you tried dropping the quality of the video and being a 144p wanker?


No idea but I’d start by checking if there are any optional updates for your sound card drivers.


tbh i thought i had turned it off and on again but actually i’ve only noticed it since the last restart. i should probably try this i guess


^this might be worth updating your video card drivers as well.


Is it just youtube? Or any video site you go on?

If you have any .avi or .mp4 files, do these play fine?


How are your stools?


That computer is toast mate. You need to bin it before it infects any other computers/phones/laptops.


sounds like you have the sys32 virus. just delete it from your windows folder.


hahaha turning it off and on again worked this time

mods, destroy this



oh, no it’s happening again. i’ll try those other things, thanks


seems to be happening on HuffPost too


What people upthread said - sounds like a video/sound card driver issue. I had an update, and the speakers stopped working. Was starting to panic, but a driver update fixed it!


After updating your drivers it might not hurt to also update Java: and Flash:

Could be a bunch of different things though, might end up taking a while to fix :sweat:


how’s your bra?


none of the above really worked - or worked temporarily and then stopped working. the sound is a little bit crackly when i listen to music sometimes too. balls. i reckon in can stick it out for now though as i need to get a new laptop soon anyway. the screen on this one is literally falling apart.

BUT i have another really really irritating issue now as well. the wi-fi signal is much weaker than it used to be. works totally fine in the living room where the router is, but in my bedroom directly above where it used to work perfectly, it now disconnects regularly. i have to keep it exactly at the corner of the bed and even then it goes off sometimes.

anyone know what the problem is there? gave it a google but nearly every result i found was just “have you turned the router off and on?”


Third reply down?