Nespresso/Tassimo Machines. Any good?

I presume some of you coffee wankers have got one or even had both. Or you’re such coffee wankers that you’d never buy one. I’m just a wanker but am curious if they’re any good? Too costly? Good quality coffee? Much maintenance?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Both my mum and brother have a Nepresso. Just asked my mum and she likes it and doesn’t think it’s too much maintenance. Brother is a massive coffee addict so uses it a lot, can’t be that bad.

We have one of these. Mrs Z likes it and it does a reasonable caramel hot chocolate for the rare occasions I want a hot drink. Always feels a bit pricy and wasteful with the cartridges though.

we have Nespresso machines in the fancy client meeting rooms at work, people seem to love them. obviously helps that cost/maintenance/cleaning doesn’t factor in though.

I’ve got a Nespresso, use it basically every day and it’s great. Just buy whatever pods are on offer in Sainsbury’s tbh.

We have both a Tassimo and a Dulce Gusto in our office and they are both shiiiiiit and break constantly. One of them basically only takes awful Costa Coffee pods as well which are really expensive and only make shit instant coffee style cappuccino things.

Yeah ^This

What puts me off. Apart from the fact that I have started grinding my own beans (:face_with_raised_eyebrow:) this year and there really is no comparison

I love the idea of them but the cartridges are just a step too far in terms of waste.


The thing with Nespresso is that you can only buy the pods direct from Nestle - online or in the Nespresso shops. Supermarkets are not allowed to sell them. I have friends who use generic pods or buy re-usuable pods that they fill with their own coffee.

Aren’t Nestle on the ‘Capitalist Bastards’ list as well?


Nestle is fine if George Clooney swears by it.


How much is a cup of coffee with these things?

I’m curious in maybe buying one. My usual “go to hot drink” is just a cup of PG Tips. Obviously, unadventurous but a perfectly brewed cheap tea bag tea hits the spot far better than any sophisticated coffee I’ve tried.

I have a tassimo machine which i bought because I like an espresso now and again, but find making and cleaning a proper machine for one small cup of coffee more effort than it’s worth.

The espresso from it is great, you get that proper crema on the top. However all the other types I’ve tried like americano, cappuccino, macchiato etc are pretty average. If I’m having a longer coffee I prefer to use a cafetiere.

Also feel bad about the waste but at least the tassimo pods are recyclable.

In short - worth it if espresso is your drink (works out about 20-30p per time), otherwise don’t bother

what’s in the pods, beans? ground coffee?

Those adverts really irk me for some reason

Same. We have one at work but the whole plastics things bothers me.

I did see dualit do some degradable pods though?
Also you can buy refillable pods from amazon that you put your own coffee in but don’t know how well they’d work

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Got a Nespresso, use it every day. Love it.

Buying the pods from nespresso is better in terms of waste because they use aluminium not plastic and you can recycle them through nespresso (grounds and all) . The supermarket other brand ones are mostly plastic.

Bullshit wasteful non-convenience neocon toss innit.


My housemate has one and have given them a go but don’t like any that I’ve tried. I get far nicer coffee via a cheap hand grinder, decent but nowt special coffee, and an Aeropress. Okay, it’s not espresso but I think you just have to invest in an actual machine if you want that.

The espresso that I’ve had out of the Nespresso is pretty odd because you get this almost comedic layer of crema which is about 50% the depth of the coffee again. That ain’t right.

Sorry if this is full coffee wanker. And as above, the waste is horrendous, 6g of coffee per 3g of packaging, nah. Proper printer cartridge economics.


Got a tassimo - coffee is expensive, never comes out hot enough or strong enough and the capsules can’t be recycled. Apart from that great