Netflix film recommendations




I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore (or a title similar to that) was really good. Directed by the actor who played the main role in Blue Ruin, and is kind of reminiscent of the Coens-ish black comedy tone of that, but with the emphasis more on the comedy.


Something Wild - top 80s movie by Jonathan Demme. Guy meets girl, has wild times that get a bit tense. Black comedy but the tension ramps up in the second half of the film thanks to Ray Liotta doing what Ray Liotta does best…


has the feelies in so is obviously great


The Nice Guys and The Big Short?

Someone recommended a Spanish film called Skins to me - they said it was Lynch meets Happiness.


The Wailing
Sorry Wrong Number
Under the Shadow


Oh and the Apartment


The presidents neck is missing


Having a break halfway through the wailing atm. Its really good


Little Sister


Dear White People was good, think it will work even better as a series.


This isn’t a Raymond Chandler adaptation, is it?


A few good film noir on Netflix. Double Indemnity, Sorry Wrong Number, No Man of Her Own


Didnt realise Double Indemnity was on, such an amazing film that


Dunno did he write a book about a goth that becomes a nun?


Intrigued about this, glad this thread exists.


Not as far as I know…




I preferred the sequel, “Ahem II: The Ahemmening”.

But it’s only on MUBI…


I need to watch this! Will watch soon