Netflix film recommendations


I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore (or a title similar to that) was really good. Directed by the actor who played the main role in Blue Ruin, and is kind of reminiscent of the Coens-ish black comedy tone of that, but with the emphasis more on the comedy.


Something Wild - top 80s movie by Jonathan Demme. Guy meets girl, has wild times that get a bit tense. Black comedy but the tension ramps up in the second half of the film thanks to Ray Liotta doing what Ray Liotta does best…

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has the feelies in so is obviously great


The Nice Guys and The Big Short?

Someone recommended a Spanish film called Skins to me - they said it was Lynch meets Happiness.

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The Wailing
Sorry Wrong Number
Under the Shadow

Oh and the Apartment

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The presidents neck is missing


Having a break halfway through the wailing atm. Its really good


Dear White People was good, think it will work even better as a series.

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This isn’t a Raymond Chandler adaptation, is it?

A few good film noir on Netflix. Double Indemnity, Sorry Wrong Number, No Man of Her Own

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Didnt realise Double Indemnity was on, such an amazing film that

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Intrigued about this, glad this thread exists.

Not as far as I know…


I preferred the sequel, “Ahem II: The Ahemmening”.

But it’s only on MUBI…

I need to watch this! Will watch soon

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Very snobby

Think youd reallu enjoy it