Netflix just recommended that Madeline McCann doc

‘because you watched Red Dwarf’. What could be the link?!


Hey stranger!! :kissing_heart:

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“Fun fun fun in the sun sun suuuuun”

Except Portugal 2007 was anything but fun for the McCann family.


oh look it’s moousee

both things are equally funny

Hey! You ok?

Either you weirdly find a kid going missing funny, or you’re being grossly unfair to Red Dwarf.

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Why not both?

Yes! I’m VG mate, what’s new with you?

working from home, writing subtitles. (watching netflix and replaying The Last of Us.

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Have you thought about distribution networks yet?

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Fucking wrong thread innit. WOOPS.

  • parents did it
  • the tapas 7 did it
  • someone else did it

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Parents seem dodge as fuck but no idea whether that’s because they’ve done anything wrong or just because they’re colossal tories


scouse tories?!

They know they fucked up leaving her and the twins alone, plus I don’t actually think they’re very warm people (and even if they were, that pleasantness is not going to come across in the circs of having to go on telly to talk about your almost certainly dead little girl who death might not be at your own hands, but which could have been prevented had you parented better).

However. There is no way on god’s earth that they killed her, or gave her an accidental OD and put the body in a freezer before moving her, or anything else that is being spouted by the feebleminded mouth-breathers on social media right now.



Yeah I don’t think they killed her and I also don’t think it’s good for people to accuse others of killing their child based on an hour long documentary and not seeming like nice people


Lost in Portugal, lost in space

Same thing with Amanda Knox