Netflix's most popular shows / films

if you saw two minutes of it then it counts

Rosie or Sophie?

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Rosehhhh or Sophehhhhh*

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Was in Waterstones the other day and there was a shelf full of about a dozen novelizations of Bridgerton, all by the same author. Like the novel equivalent of how Netflix dumps a whole series of telly at once

It was a series of novels before it was a TV series tbf

Unless I’m being Wolfcastled here

I thought I read somewhere that Squid Game is fast becoming the top Netflix show? Anyway, I watched the trailer and its not for me.

i watched the first episode last night and it was quite good

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Oh it definitely is an interesting concept and looked great visually, just not something I’d enjoy watching.

It was a TV show, then a book, then adapted again by Netflix.

Couldn’t get over how bad the dubbing was in the trailer. Just use subtitles ffs.

oh i watched it with subtitles

No interest in watching Sweet Tooth but I hope Jeff Lemire enjoys his private jet stuffed to bursting full of $100CA banknotes

Really enjoyed hearing about how although Bridgerton looks like it’s just an Austenalike with raceblind casting, it’s actually a plot point that it takes place in a parallel universe where some king married a Black person which meant that racism simply ceased to exist.

It’s like a French cross between Jonathan Creek and Prison Break.

It’s okay but we gave up after a couple of episodes

The hours watched is an odd metric. Surely the length of a show’s episodes and the number of them will affect that.

The Irishman is at least an hour longer than Birdbox so Birdbox’s placing us more significant IMO

You nearly had me there

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Did nobody watch the ‘Ali G is in Mossad’ one apart from me?

I don’t know why I’m becoming the Bridgerton explainer in this thread when I’ve only seen one episode, but I don’t think that’s the case. The Queen in the series (who is played by a black actress) is the historic Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III. I don’t think there’s any deliberate sign of an alternative history, it’s just race blind casting.

There is some weak and unlikely theories that Charlotte did have black heritage though: Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz - Wikipedia

Watching Squid Game at the moment, it’s really, really good. It’s not particularly deep but it’s extremely visually pleasing and the creation of tension is very well done.

(Watching the dubbed version, and I like it that way)

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Generally with Netflix you can switch it to the original audio and stick on subtitles. I think it sticks to setting on that series from then on.