Netherlands recommendations


Anyone been to the Netherlands anywhere that isn’t Amsterdam?

Holiday party includes a 5 year old.

Staying near Leiden. Is that worth a day-trip?
Coastal tram any good?
Is the fairytale forest at Efteling as terrifying as it appears?
Space Centre worth a visit?

Many thanks.

@aboynamedgoo . obviously

hup hup Holland!

Some people refer to their genitals as their nether regions.


Utrecht is a cool place
Rotterdam less so

No, I cycled there.


I call mine ‘the Dutch’

That’s weird.

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Jaap stam?

Taaaaaake my haaaand
We’re off to Nether Netherlands


Yes please!

Spent most of my childhood holidays there. Can barely remember it/it all merges into one.

The Hague was alright recently, though. They’ve got a miniature village and an M C Escher museum.

very very sorry I didn’t think of this when I went there, it could’ve been the soundtrack

Don’t think there’s any Dutch posters at all, sorry Chris.

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Might pitch an advert to the Netherlands tourist board featuring a breathy cover of Enter Sandman.

it’s the type of thing you sing, it’s funny first time, it gets annoying, then it gets funny again, then it’s best to leave it

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Yes. University town, with a pretty 17th century centre including an impressive town hall and a big church. Because of the university, the various museums have an educational theme (anthropology, ancient history, botanical gardens, etc.). The natural history museum Naturalis ( is highly recommended.

Don’t know what this is. Are you thinking of the one in Belgium?

I went here many times between the ages of 4 and 12 and always thought is was great. But I’m not easily scared.

Depends. If you’ve been to the one in Houston or Florida it’ll be a big disappointment, but otherwise it may be worth going. It wouldn’t be anywhere the top of my list of things to do in Holland.


My sister and her husband wear them, but they do live in a (former) farmhouse.

Every Friday morning in Zaandam:

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I’m from Den Haag. It’s shit.

Rotterdam is great if you’re into modern architecture. Or gabber.

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I thought it looked like a perfectly pleasant place to live. Suburbs looked alright, Scheveningen is a bit shit but at least there’s the sea, easy access into Amsterdam for some culture. Plus the Patent Office for me.

What was so rubbish about it?

Many thanks!

My son is well into space, so I think he’ll like the space centre. we’ve only been to the one in Leicester so far…

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early Beautiful South lyrics needed serious re-working.