Neural network comes up with daft versions of human things


actually only read the cooking one, but it’s the best thing. :heart: :robot: :interrobang:

Neural Networks inventing weird stuff

I like the chat-up lines:

“Are you a candle? Because you’re so hot of the looks with you.”


:smiley: might have to link to that in @eltham’s single people pain thread


but then, in no time at all, no one will be allowed in the single people thread




so good


“I don’t know you”. I’m going to give that one a go.


I give you: Dr. Who episodes produced by a rather annoyed neural network.

The Stick of the Doctor
The Keds of Death
The Twin Doctors
The Ten Doctors
Cold Clood
The Unicorn and the Daleks
The Fires of Poop
The Beads of the Daleks
The Sontaren Beep
The Power of Tron
The Awkroids of Tara
The Agaves of The Doctor
Dinosaurs of the Deep
The Pirate Lover
Loodly Moysters
The Wheeen Death
The Bile Doctors
Planet of lime
The Crows of Doom
Planet of Fire in Space
The Poupon Invasion


wasnt that the first one that peter capaldi was in?

this episode was such a letdown, unlike


This is amazing!

½ teaspoon rusting pepper


Neural network comes up with paint colours and does a very bad job:


Also a thing that turns your line drawings into cats:


amazing :grinning:


I made two accidentally creepy ones. Drawing on a trackpad is hard.


sticks red
navel tan
gray pubic!


I like that “Sane Green” is blue.


“Completely meat chocolate pie”

oh lawd that’s funny



This is all really really fantastic thank you for bringing it to my attention