Neurodiversity Thread


Thanks fl. X


Is it possible to try and plan for these situations a bit - talking through with friends/family what you need from them/that you just want to be left alone etc? Could you havekey instructions written down and kept close at hand that you could handover to them? I know that wont help in every situation but maybe it would in some? Sorry if im misunderstanding the issue. X


I have tried explaining things as best I can, but a lot of it they just don’t seem to understand, like they still take offence if I ask them to stop speaking despite me explaining that it is because if I ask it means I have got to a point where I am overloaded and cannot handle any additional sensory or cognitive inputs (also in situations involving R, I don’t think it is helpful having three different voices because he might be feeling much the same as me and the clarity of just his mum speaking and instructing must be better).

Maybe I could try writing some things down, but I am still not sure they would be understood even if I could express things as I wanted :frowning:


I am so with you on the last point today.

Fuck autism. Just absolutely fuck off.


Just had one of my Top 10 adult meltdowns (Very publicly yay). Forgot my pin and it kept saying wrong until my card was cancelled, and then I tried to use my credit card but I was panicking so couldn’t get that right either so had to leave the shop. Tried ringing first direct bit just couldn’t understand anything they were saying. Threw my phone on the ground. Got in the car started crying and was drenched in sweat cause the sun was directly on the windscreen. Managed to drive to another atm because I thought I’d remembered the pin but it said card declined. Just absolutely lost it and freaked out everyone around me. Had plans for tonight but now have to cancel them, and I need to go to London on Saturday and I’m terrified my card isn’t going to work.

No idea how I managed to drive home without killing myself.