Neurodiversity Thread

If you’re sat outside it’s quite easy to just wander off accidentally!
It is George, he’s my fave. We have similar attitudes to cake :yum:

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Love Chris Houghton so much! I also appreciate George’s attitude to cake :+1:

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My doctor has referred me now


Feel like I post this all the time, but it is destroying me living with other people. Need all of my limited interpersonal capacity to deal with R, the two other adults in the mix just mean I am constantly in overload.

Still so angry that the council didn’t give me any more weighting on my housing application for how much my disability means my current situation is horrendously bad for my health. Sure I would be in somewhere now if they had listened to the medical evidence and given me a few extra points.

Cannot have anything here in a way that suits me, arranged so it reduces stress, because everything is geared for someone else or a compromise or I am scared of it being wrong for other people. My room isn’t even mine because it is shared and also feels borrowed and I have to have a bunch of stuff stored in here because it is the only space for it.

Wish someone could get me out of here.

sesame street team up with Autism Speaks (awful awful organisation)

Seen a lot of animated chat about this in autism advocacy circles. A$ can do one.


Here’s my periodical moan that I can’t deal with the strain of living with people. Can make most decisions for myself, can make a lot of decisions for me and R, cannot make decisions when there are an additional two voices muddying up my process.

Hurts so much that I got no extra consideration for disability in my housing priority from the council. Just the day to day still living here is confising and painful, and imminently if some miracle doesn’t occur I am going to have a complete breakdown over doing R’s school applications without really being able to make any logical decision because location is my no.1 thing to consider as I don’t drive, but we could end up really far away from a school if we don’t know where we will be living.

It’s awful that it doesn’t make any difference in terms of housing. How can they say you and a neurotypical person in the exact same situation have an identical need?

It is awful. I don’t want to seem entitled, but… I just want to be able to look after myself and my son without the constant stress of living here, it is destroying me :frowning:

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Just got an internal email at work to say that a staff autism association has been created :+1:


Watched this last night for the first time. Will make you cry and scream at times.

(The name of the film is also now the name of an assisted living project/day centre in St Petersburg.)

Today is one of those days that I just cannot fucking deal.

Ordered something on Saturday for next day delivery. Got an email from Royal Mail today to say it would be delivered today. They haven’t delivered it.

Obviously this is frustrating for most people, but it has just completely destroyed me, and I feel the worst I’ve felt in a long time because of it.

Being told ‘this thing will happen today’ and planning your whole day around it, and being in a constant state of exhaustion just at the thought of answering the door. It’s fucked over tomorrow as well, because I have a medical appointment in the morning, and I had planned to go shopping after that.

I can’t function at all right now. It’s thrown everything off and my mind has completely gone.

I can’t stand being lied to. Whether by a person or a company. If you can’t delivery something today tell me that so I can replan my day.

I know this is absurd, but it feels so bad I genuinely want to go cry and scream and bang my head against something hard.

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Not absurd in the slightest, this would absolutely do me in as well. Nothing useful tp say really, but I understand how awful itnfeels and it is rubbish they let you down :frowning:


I’ve had to go to bed, I just have no energy to do anything. My poor dog.

I feel like since I started on testosterone my meltdowns have become more anger based. I don’t really know how to deal with that. I don’t have any release so I just have to scream it out.

Just want every neurotypical to fuck off along with their noise and lies somewhere else for a couple of weeks. Really can’t handle them.

Will have to settle for just closing my eyes and imagine I’m living alone somewhere completely deserted.

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Take care wileycat - it can be annoying enough when you’re neurotypical, so I can’t imagine what it does to you as a neurodiverse guy. Really hope things work out tomorrow.

You can’t script this stuff. After waiting all fucking day I finally accept it’s not happening and take the dog out for a walk. Get to the end of my road and of course a Royal Mail van then turns in. Have to absolutely sprint back down and basically throw myself in front of the van as they go to leave.

Never known them to deliver anywhere near this late outside of the Christmas period :neutral_face:

Well at least I can move on now. Going to drive to the shop and get something comforting like tortellini because dear God I’m in need of comfort.

Too bad about the beach, but I have a few days of leave left to take, and in withe week or two it won’t be very busy on weekends anyhow.

So both :partying_face: and :weary:


I totally relate to this. I recently had a two day ordeal with Vodafone that ended in me crying down the phone and them giving me £50 as an apology. I dont think I ever want to wait in for a delivery ever again. Gonna try to use delivery boxes instead.

Just makes it sooo hard for me to build up my ability to trust other people to do things and be reliable

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Makes me feel less alone to know that others experience this as well (was going to say ‘glad’, but that’s completely the wrong word - it’s rubbish). All better now, but still frustrated at having completely wasted one of my three days. I often get stuff from Amazon even though I feel guilty about it because if it’s not too big I can get it delivered to a locker at my local supermarket - can pick it up any time and don’t have to interact with anyone.

Only tangentially related, but living in a capitalist society really is a neurotypical’s game, isn’t it?


Yeah, this is a huge thing for me. Spoilering the following (if it applies to anyone reading please know I had a great time, you’re awesome and I don’t hold it against you at all)

When I met some DiSers in London back in the summer I ended up sat around by myself for idk, considerably more than an hour, and even ETAs given on the night were wildly off. I guess for most people it’s probably normal to either be relaxed about it or to just mentally add on a half hour or so onto a start time. But as I don’t go to social things often I guess I’m not really familiar with etiquette stuff. It was a nightmare for my anxiety. Even when this happens with, say, my mother coming over it stresses me out. Wish people would either stick to plans or communicate frequently / clearly.