Neurodiversity Thread

Had the worst meltdown earlier in a shopping centre, like crying on the floor unresponsive bad. Stupid autism.

On a more positive and completely different note though, I am really glad that I keep persisting with my old independent optician because first they are amazingly sensitive and comfortingly familiar, and second the optometrist noted that my lens tint is “clinically necessary” because of being autistic and having light hypersensitivity so I got extra money off :heart:… ok, only another £8 on my NHS voucher, but it is the consideration of her to do that which touched me. Shame the system doesn’t allow for the full price of transitions lenses to be covered because they are £££.

…and finally, former DiSer howtobealone/allnerve showed me this etsy seller who makes really good neurodiversity/mh/other conditions (and also LGBTQI+ and other minority) pins for letting people know things:

Definitely think I would find a few useful, well actually a lot but I am going to pick some of the more important ones which might help in situations like I had earlier when I can’t speak to let people know things like not to touch me etc.


I was interviewed for this:

I wish the title was better, and wish I was much more eloquent than the quotes supplied within (plenty of other pertinent-ish thoughts beyond gigs), but really glad that the conversation can take place at all and fuck, there’s a picture of me in THE GUARDIAN.


(it’s a sick picture as well, pal)


Posted this pretty much at the same time as your post:

So many stresses make gigs so tiring and verging on in accessible. The gig mentioned in my post there^ I had a panic attack on the way to it because there were so many uncertainties about it. Would be cool if places provided some sort of access statement that could give details about the venue (and ideally more specifically about the show). The fact that the example I can think of for this comes from a children’s attraction illustrates a problem touched on by the article that ‘autism-friendly’ pretty much only extends to serving families with autistic children (and it is great there are things like that, but people don’t stop being autistic when they are adults). Anyway, example - there’s this story centre place in Stratford I take my son, pretty much his favourite place, and I looked on their website before going the first time and found this which is an explanation with pictures of every area there which was excellent at allowing me to be prepared and reduce the stress of going somewhere I didn’t know. Would be great to see venues have things like that, with details as well about if they offer earplugs, chairs, alternative places to stand/sit which might be more comfortable, etc.


That guide is a really good idea - especially things like entrance, toilets etc. Also the place itself looks so cool!

There are so many places I haven’t been just because I don’t understand the process in advance. I’ve walked into a (free) museum before and there was a desk but nobody there and so I just walked in and then got told off by someone because you were supposed to go get a ‘ticket’ even though it was free. It’s why I very rarely go to non chain cafés and restaurants as well - when do I pay, how can I pay, can I order just a drink etc etc.

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So much this! Always a panic in a café when you don’t know the process, another thing I wish they could just have a simple statement in the window that explains how they do things there (for example ‘here you go to the counter and order your food and pay, you will then take a number and choose a table and your food will be brought to you when it is ready’ - stressed me out a bit just writing an example thinking of all the different versions there are for paying, ordering, seating, etc)

Anxiety levels would be so much lower for me if there were less things were it is assumed people will find it obvious.


Even as a neurotypical I would absolutely welcome this. It should be a nice treat trying out a new cafe/whatever, but I get preoccupied with the thought of stepping in and standing there blankly while I’m trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do!


Have had quite a few times where I have got in a panic not knowing what I am meant to do. Places where you are meant to go up to the counter to pay after your meal are the worst, have accidentally almost dined and dashed a couple of times :flushed:

Also, new avatar - is that George from Oh No George? :grinning:

If you’re sat outside it’s quite easy to just wander off accidentally!
It is George, he’s my fave. We have similar attitudes to cake :yum:

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Love Chris Houghton so much! I also appreciate George’s attitude to cake :+1:

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My doctor has referred me now


Feel like I post this all the time, but it is destroying me living with other people. Need all of my limited interpersonal capacity to deal with R, the two other adults in the mix just mean I am constantly in overload.

Still so angry that the council didn’t give me any more weighting on my housing application for how much my disability means my current situation is horrendously bad for my health. Sure I would be in somewhere now if they had listened to the medical evidence and given me a few extra points.

Cannot have anything here in a way that suits me, arranged so it reduces stress, because everything is geared for someone else or a compromise or I am scared of it being wrong for other people. My room isn’t even mine because it is shared and also feels borrowed and I have to have a bunch of stuff stored in here because it is the only space for it.

Wish someone could get me out of here.