Neurodiversity Thread

It is :frowning:


Given me a reminder of buying shoes once and getting into a massive panic about how long I was waiting for the person to come from the back and exhausting myself wondering if I’d done something wrong.

Not entirely sure how neurotypical or not I am but stuff like this definitely stresses me out and can set my brain off on all kinds of worrying


I know it’s not always possible depending on your workplace, but could you get stuff delivered to work - reception signs for it for you and lets you know by email it’s arrived?

Doesn’t solve those big deliveries like washing machines or beds, but if they’re amenable then might help on at least some occasions?

Complete non-starter unfortunately. Need to buy less stuff in general so maybe it’s a good thing.

Shame. Agree on the Amazon Locker thing btw - it’s really really useful, especially when tied into next day delivery. Shame about the rest of it.

Take care and I hope you’re able to settle soon after today’s trauma mate.


I’m fine now! Feel stupid, but I know it comes with the territory.

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yeah I totally understand this and know what an impact it can have

I am sooooo bad at getting to a place on time so I feel quite bad about it too

there are people off here I’ve met and been like an hour late to meet, and it just looks so rude :frowning:

So out of my depth at the moment trying to function like a normal person. So exhausted and sensory things are a nightmare rn. Got really frequent overloads/meltdowns/panic attacks all happening and it makes going out anywhere really difficult.

Don’t really know why I am posting this, just needed to let something out I guess.

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Have nothing helpful to say (as usual), but, you know, solidarity



I think what I really need today is to continue hiding under my duvet for the rest of the day like I am doing currently. I have to get up in half an hour though to pick up R and I love him but I am totally dreading the prospect of the rest of the day having to be around anyone at all, too much for me today, but obviously I have no choice.

Urgh. I’m totally not functioning right now. Any little thing that doesn’t happen to plan and I panic and get overwhelmed. Just completely fucked up getting my train ticket because the guy at the station confused me, which has cost me extra £s. In my way to return something to a dhop and I will end up screaming and crying probably if that doesn’t happen smoothly.

I think I want to start communicating by writing alone eiyh people I don’t know so I have time to think. My writing is pretty atrocious though when I am trying to be quick so that probably wouldn’t go well.

Need to put together something for communicating stuff when I can’t talk, a lanywas suggested to me and that feels slightly ridiculous but I could have a couple of badges on there to signal things (thinking “I’m autistic”, “Please don’t touch me” and “Sometimes I am non-verbal”) and some cards hanging off the bottom for more complicated things. Wonder where I can get a nice lanyard from…

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Ok, searching for lanyards I found this:

This is good.


Was going to suggest this cause I saw them in M&S but you’ve beaten me to it :grinning: Can’t offer anything more practical than the sincere hope you find a way of resolving this soon and find a system that helps you feel more comfortable and calm FL :heart:

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i don’t love these but keep seeing them on twitter, they do cards, badges and lanyards

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You know when you’re a little bit drunk and it’s sort of an insight into the life you might be able to have if you weren’t autistic?


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Quick update about our eldest: she’s in year 6 at the moment and we’ve been applying to get her into a local school that has a ‘specialist resource base’ for autistic children. We visited it earlier in the year and fell in love with it: the whole school is really well geared-up for autistic kids, it’s really inclusive and friendly, and there’s an expectation that children in the SRB will access as much of the curriculum as they can, whilst having their own safe space if things are getting too much. However, there were only three spaces available for children going into year 7.

Anyway, we’ve just found out that our lovely eldest has got one of those three places :slight_smile: so, so happy :slight_smile:


This is really wonderful :heart:

That’s brilliant news - really happy for you both! Would have been amazing if something like that was around when I was at school (not that I was even diagnosed then).

Hope the transition goes as smoothly as possible.


Thank you :slight_smile: it’s been such a worry over the past few years - none of the schools in our town have got a particularly good reputation for inclusion etc so we didn’t know what we would have done if she’d not got in. (In all seriousness, probably would have taken legal action against the county for having such inadequate provision).

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Fantastic news mate. Delighted for you all!

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