Neurodiversity Thread

Very relatable (I don’t have an ADHD diagnosis, but either it is the similarities with autistic processing or it is another thing that has been missed with me)

It is exactly why setting alarms to take my meds is futile. Or why it is frustrating when today I am having a shutdown because I didn’t plan dinner and now don’t know how I can possibly eat tonight and my mum’s answer is “well, you should plan better” like I haven’t been trying to do this.

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Sorry if you’ve told me this before but do you take meds for ADHD? I’ve definitely noticed a greater sense of general stability in myself after being on Matoride for 6 months or so. Things aren’t perfect but I’m still just bowled over at the effectiveness of these drugs. It’s a bloody miracle!

No worries - and no, I don’t (yet). I have some weird stupid hang-ups about medication so I want to exhaust other options first. I’ve been working on some stuff the psychiatrist sent me. I have a strong suspicion it’s bollocks though :smiley:

Glad the medication is making such a difference for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Nice thread to balance out that trailer and response to its response.

What trailer?

The trailer to the new Sia film (advised by Autism Speaks) starring Maddie Ziegler as a non-verbal autistic person.

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Her comments were absolutely disgusting towards autistic people under her self pity tweets telling her plainly that her actions and words were hurtful and wrong. Grown ass woman with a platform like that lashing out and crying about being criticised the way she did, so gross :face_vomiting: I’m learning a lot about autism since my sister’s diagnosis a few years ago and sia is out there saying she researched for this film for 3 years, and in 3 hours of research I knew more than the ignorant shite she’s trying to force down people’s throats :roll_eyes: sick of these entitled people abusing their positions of power and then trying to play the victim