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Or one of those but you could put a little circle of paper or something inside the hole to make it a full closed sphere

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Yeah I think this would be cheapest and easiest. Just need some white tissue paper to leave in the bottom of the shade. This type

However, you can Google for

white globe pendant lamp shade

and get some decent, if pricey results that will probably require you put in a new fitting.

My best recommendation here is to get an adjustable lamp, one you can put at plenty of different angles to suit the amount of light you want. My one I’ll point at the wall a bit if I want things a bit darker, or move it so more direct light is blocked by something in the room. If I want more light to read by I’ll point it at the ceiling because reflecting off the white it makes things bright enough without having the harshness of being direct.

I have an older version of this kind of thing:

Also comes in a clip version if that is easier to place. It is flexible so you can get your light levels just right.


I have the clip on version, it’s v neat

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I find work can be an absolute nightmare for this. A last-minute task that switches up my plan can just totally mess up the whole day