Never again


What have you done for the last time? For better or worse.

Don’t reckon I’ll ever have to sit an exam again, hopefully.
Can’t see me ever getting a reasonable opportunity to go on Oblivion at Alton Towers again.
Snowboarding is probably out now too, too old for that.


been to panama


been to a pantomime


Reckon I could have stayed in a hostel for my last time.

Eaten goats cheese (yeah yeah big baby etc), its fucking rank though


Gone to a grandparent’s funeral


Been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday


Not having a creme egg again. Every time, I imagine they’ll be nicer than they are. I’m officially out now.


never say never


don’t start that again


oh no you haven’t


I’m never doing shots of this again


Oh god, bad things have happened when I’ve drank that


I’ve never stayed in a hostel. Never will.




is that maple syrup


Gastric flu. Did it for a week. Never, ever, again


Go on a rollercoaster. I did it once. Hated it. Can’t imagine why anyone would put themselves through that.


Well why don’t you buy some, stick it over your pancakes then you can tell me?


Getting in a helicopter. Took a 20 minute ride over the Grand Canyon and it was the longest minutes of my life. Utterly awful. Glad I’ve tried it once but never, never again.


play football. my knees are fucked.