Never again

Lived in a house share/with a partner.

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You just went to the wrong place. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Age 19 i got talked into going on a family holiday to france, getting there by ferry. I hate ferries following many boring and unpleasant ferry journeys as a kid and have no idea how my mum managed to convince me. On the ferry at approx 3am when my mum and i were woken up by the cabin door being opened by 2 extremely drunk french men who had been given a key to our room by mistake, i realised that i was an adult now and i was free to never get on a ferry again. So i will never get on a ferry again.


Used to do this, and the related cossack dancing (yes, I was a twat). Now I can’t sit in most cinema seats because my right knee is fucked. Karma.

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I’d love to go on a ferry! Would be such an adventure

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Never going to watch a ska band again. Saw all the fucking awful big hitters in college while going out with a girl who loved ska. Never doing that again. Less Than Jake? Less Than no fucking chance am I buying a ticket for your show.


Never going to a live show again. I loathe being in crowds.

and thats just clive!

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I got woken on our last holiday by strangers. They had a key to the apartment we rented too. And I woke to find them standing in my room talking about why I was there. Fucking surreal.


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I completely agree! For someone who likes music I don’t like gigs much at all. Too much invasion of personal space and jostling as people go to the bar etc.

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It’s extremely boring at best. Takes hours to go a short distance. No idea why we didn’t get the eurostar

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That’s really sad :frowning:
Although you’re probably just making a joke.

… it would be really sad if you were being serious, though.

I’m sorry for your shitty experiences :frowning: but this has just reminded me I’d love to go on a ferry again soon.

Where else can you get the ferry to, I wonder?

Do it! Ferry trip fun :ship: :hugs:

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How did that happen?! These guys had the wrong key as when we got on the ferry, i think we had to go to our room to collect the keys (stupid system, what’s to stop people deliberately taking others’ keys?) and their room had one of our keys as whoever had put them back last time had misread the room number. Then they got drunk, forgot their room number and had to check the key fob. They were so drunk they were trying to work out what we’d done with the other two beds, as they had a 4 person room!

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Why? Worst form of travel.

Every Greek island, from Piraeus, if you don’t mind being bored shitless for several hours on the way and not being able to use the toilet after they all get blocked half an hour in (bonus points if you have to listen to my dad complaining about gypsies)

Think I’ve only ever been on one proper holiday (not counting day trips to the beach)

Just a joke :grinning:

I couldn’t be bothered to type it out first time, but is the full story. They owned it. So usual deal with these places. They own it, rent it out most of the year, but have it to stay in when they want. All the rentals are handled by an external agency. So we booked through the agency, picked up the keys from a local person who is paid to manage locally and went in there.

As I say, first night a 1am I got woke. So there was a weird stand off. They were annoyed (husband and wife - she was going mad). My girlfriend was in tears, explaining we had booked it and paid for it.

There was a tense 15 minutes with me standing in my pants trying to calm everyone down where my GF looked for our booking confirmation over dodgy 3G whilst crying. And the owner was checking his records from the agency, whilst his wife was going off on one.

Thankfully he found the mail from the booking agency. He had either forgotten it, or something. It was ridiculous all round. How do they think we got a key if we hadn’t booked it.

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