Never again

How old are you? Asking for a friend wo might want to go snowboarding again

And two days later my GF had to have emergency dental work and had four teeth removed.

Worst. Holiday. Ever.

Drink Pepsi :face_vomiting:


Smoked my last ever cigarette in Cologne in September. NEVER AGAIN. Sticking to it.


I have fond childhood memories of taking the ferry over to the North of France every summer before driving to the South.
I love being on boats.
I love the sense of being on a journey. When you’re on a plane you just feel like you sat on a box in the air for a few hours and then you’re somewhere else. I like to watch the land/seascape change.


And I love feeling the motion(of the ocean)!

  1. Reckoned 40 was my cutoff, especially given that I’m rubbish at it.
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Go on holiday
Make a friend

Watch a new bond film. They’re all absolute toilet but at least the old ones knew it

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going to Leeds festival
spending any time in Spalding

Skaaanking (with tears in my eyes)

That does sound ridiculous!

Standard Saturday night innit


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Eating Meat
Having kids (apart from the ones I’ve got, obvs)

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Going on a stag do. They don’t need me and I don’t need them.

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