"Never gonna go there"

Lincoln - Never gonna go there
Little Rock, Arkansas - Never gonna go there
Helsinki - Never gonna go there

Venice (after seeing Don’t Look Now when I was 9 or 10).


Las Vegas


Lincoln and Helsinki might be worth a visit.

I plan to never go to Dubai.


They’re probably both lovely, just can’t see myself ever thinking “Ooh, really fancy a trip to Lincoln or Helsinki”

Why did you see that film when you were 9 or 10 Lonzy? Also, what impact do you think seeing that sex scene had on you at such a young age?

Did you draw that map as well as the annotations?

no sorry, I don’t know what the UK looks like from memory

The festival my mum goes to every year that is made up entirely of tribute acts


One of my pals keeps saying stuff like “we should start putting a small amount of money away every month for a trip to Vegas when we’re 40” and I’m like (internally) “I don’t really want to go to Vegas tbh”

No apology required

might occasionally have to go to birmingham for a gig so I hope I included that in my circle

Never gonna give u up


Never ever fancied visiting NYC- strikes me as a dirty, smelly, polluted, crimey place that’s busy, full of honking taxis and annoying. Like a kind of worse-London.

However I’m thinking I should probably give it a try at some point in my life.

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I’ve never been to Birmingham. I’ve only been to Coventry, Nuneaton, Bedworth in that area.

Birmingham is surprisingly nice IMO.


I agree from the bits I’ve seen

NYC is a place that I have been to but it kind of feels like I haven’t been there and I definitely want to go there (again)

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