Never Mind Brexit, Who Won Pecs-it?


Pictures of various dickheads on holiday with their tops off (farage, gove, boris etc) (I just sicked up)

Fantasy headline thread?? Maybe?


Been a while since we had a parody thread title.

Great stuff.


BLAH BLAH… Wrecks-It?!


… Keks It!

Duncan-Smith shits himself very publicly.

If anyone wants to weigh in…?


… Flex It!

Tim Farron challenges Paul Nuttall to a penis bending competition.


nevermind the referendum result something something fucks it? idk hearts not really in this


…Rednex it

The Mail says that if it hadn’t been for Cotton Eye Joe, both Theresa and Nicola would have been married a long time ago.




Can’t remember the full list of unlikely celebs that Farage is actually younger than, but who would have thought that Nige is younger than both Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp?

Well, maybe Johnny Depp now that’s he’s gone shit tbh tbf…


Most newspapers would find that headline a little unweildly.