Never Too Late To Skate Club

I have seriously considered taking up skating. Is 36 too late?




See thread title (no it’s not too late, it’s great exercise and fun)

Seriously, I am always amazed at how much of a workout it is even if I’m doing basically nothing. Got so sweaty this morning just doing some static ollies and rolling down little banks.

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I’m really keen to get back out on my deck, has been an age.

Still annoyed with myself for not taking a lockdown trip into the centre of London one evening. Am so out of practice I couldn’t risk eating pavement and being left a mess. Far more cautious as a 34 year old than at 14.

Never was that great (or at all) but just loved crusing around. Plus all the videos and the general culture, I was hooked as a kid.

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Oh man, got on a board about two years ago and tried to do an ollie, got about 3 inches off the ground. Used to love to skate but you come to an age where you know its just time to hang them up.

Me and my brother used to skate a lot, so its great seeing my 5 year old nephew getting interested. I bought him a toddler skateboard last year.

Still in awe of the people that do it well. Always loved Bob Burnquist, just LOVED big air.

Definitely will be following this thread.

You seen the 1260° clip from the X-Games last year? Absolutely bonkers

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oh yeah fantastic.

Nonchalant as fuck

And Bob’s part from Flip’s Extremely Sorry video?


the definition of smooth

Something soothing about Bob always with a helmet and knee pads.


Saw a sick Pedro Barros video recently, that kid can skate.

Here it is


He’s hands down the best switch skater I’ve ever seen.

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When I saw that vid, I was like dude must have hit 40 MPH straight downhill, to come up and just drill tricks off the dome of this building. Great vid if you havent seen it

Suppose I’d be like a much worse version of Jamie Foy

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I skateboarded today


Yeah! Where did you go? What did you get up to? I’m going out again tomorrow, looking forward to it (even if I’m just dorking about in the grass, I’m counting it!)

Aurelien is a speed machine, fuck

Tech as fuck too. There was a berrics yt vid of him just cruising and it’s so good.

And his totally casual attempt at the Lyon 25 is :astonished:


He goes so hard, all the time, and it’s so fucking tight. I wouldn’t say he’s the smoothest, but I love the rough edge to his style. It’s like with maths where you can see the workings, it’s awesome - you can see how hard he’s pushing and it’s so good.

I think it’s because he’s quite gangly, so his legs look really long and all his movements are exaggerated. A lot of guys nowadays look quite compact, but he’s really lengthy and it makes him look rougher.