never washed my face

I just wanted to know if you meant you avoided water too. That would’ve been too much for me.

what an image that would be! leaning my face out of the shower spray constantly, desperate to stay dry!



Shower gel on face in shower
Just a bit of water before bed

Works well


Occasional moisturiser but I’m not a slave to it

Just bought some, for a trial

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Please report back

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So far - expensive

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Only do after very greasy foods, and then it’s a quick splash, cold water with no soap. Genetically pretty blessed with very clear skin and I won’t be doing anything to alter it.

Yeah same

The safebruv experience

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I’ve never properly washed my face. There’s really no need, for me anyway. I just let the shampoo rinse down over it in the morning. Never had a proper spot somehow. Get the occasional whitehead - I think these are caused off grease on the pillow, as I don’t wash before bed (do brush me teeth) - but never had a full-blown spot or blackhead.

liking it so far

smells good, feels light, much less drying than anything i’d used before (though i still moisturise within about 30 seconds of getting out the shower)

think this is a new routine for me now, unless i use it way too fast and it gets too costly

Apparently it’s fine to use shower gel.

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Ooooh get me I’m blessed with a skin type that means I don’t need to spend an annoying amount of my waking life maintaining it to achieve a look that is “not too crap” at best. Must be nice!


i’ll trade you if i can get some sinuses that function for more than 3 months of the year

Can’t help on that one either. It’s a rough life

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This doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience