Why does Mick Caine say nevew instead of nephew in Muppets Christmas Carol?

I don’t know.

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Thank you for taking time from your holiday schedule to have a think about it and then bring honest and not having a guess.

Seem to recall an advert years ago where someone said that. Possibly an old italian bloke in a pasta advert


Probably going to adopt it

Michael Caine’s nephew?

Good evening my dear friend Balonz. I trust that you and your family are well. I believe the pronunciation is authentic (at least as an alternate) to the time due to the word’s etymological roots in the French word neveu, which led to the Anglo-Norman variants of nevou, neveu, nevew, nevu and newu. I believe the pronunciation of “nevew” persisted in some parts of the UK well into the 20th century.

The etymological evolution of such words and their spellings is rather uncertain, but a little more detail can be found here:

I hope that this information makes your Boxing Day just a little more enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you again at any of our Bargain Max stores or, of course, at some time in the near future.


Nevew evew havew evew felt so low


Americans say ‘meer’ instead of ‘mirror’. It’s to be expected

Mike Caine is fackin’ English pal. As English as a Dr Oetker pepperoni pizza.


You calling Mickey Caine French? He’s as English as a stick of juicy fruit.


Go and give call Toys R Us a call next time, you ungrateful sod.

One can nepher go to R Us again after they were destroyed by the internet behemoths of Amazon, Bargain Max and eBay.

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Nevew Campbell

Gary Nevew