New £1 coin


Anyone got one yet? Photographic evidence required


cba with it


Not worth the paper it’s printed on.


If you’re really keen to get one you can buy one £1 coin from the Royal Mint for £10.


Load of shit mate


“Due to very high volumes of traffic you have been placed in a queue.
Please do not hit refresh or reload this page, as this will only increase your wait.”

…a queue to view the website selling pound coins for a tenner. I’m in the wrong business


I’m quite excited about getting one and I don’t care what any of you lot say.


But what about the vending machines?


Are you going to be taking any steps to get one sooner?



I do have a fiver in my purse which I could spend on lunch but the likelihood of the cafe at work having a new £1 coin today are well slim, I think.

I will not be putting in any more effort than that today, but I might start paying with stuff in cash now to ensure I get one sooner rather than later.

:cool: :sunglasses: :cool:


I might buy a creme egg with a £20 note tonight, see what happens


Disgruntled shopkeeper is likely. Barely gruntled at all. Change in 20p for being such a nobber.



That Old Broad Street Halifax is like a 1 minute walk away.



i received a new £1 coin today. the first of many, i hope!


Paid for a glassy eh ginger on my way to the football on Saturday, shopkeep looked very confused by it


I still beat you.


Got 2 at the weekend, the 2016 editions. They look like coins. Fin.


*chucks new pound coin away in disgust*


TWO pound coins??

i guess you really are rich!